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Preparation for airline interviews on the B737

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  5 h Simulator B737
  499 €

Preparation for graduates of the modular or integrated ATPL (A) Frozen CPL, IR/ME SPA. The applicant can but doesn’t need to possess an MCC. 

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For whom is the training aimed at?

The interview preparation is aimed at graduates of either the modular or integrated ATPL(A) Frozen CPL, IR/ME SPA courses. The applicant may but doesn’t need to possess an MCC (Multi Crew Co-Operation) licence – the training will be altered accordingly. At this stage a pilot has around 200 hours in his logbook and it is expected that he has zero experience of flying large jet aircraft.

On what simulator will the training take place?

Our simulator centre owns a fixed base 737-800 simulator that is dimensionally identical to the real cockpit. It is fully functional from both seats. The simulator is perfectly capable of allowing an applicant to practice the required tasks before the screening at his future employer.

What does the training at Simulator Centrum consist of?

It mainly depends on the airline that the pilot is applying from and from that the training procedure is altered. We have the experience that during screenings, the procedures listed below are included. The theoretical preparation takes place in our classroom next to the simulator in the form of a presentation. A very important part of the preparation is the emergency response of the pilot. One must know how to react calmly to an engine failure, how to work with an emergency checklist and be comfortable with using CRM procedures when evaluating and deciding on the best course of action while keeping other members of the crew and finally the passengers informed.

The theoretical preparation consists of the following topics:

Theoretical preparation EU-OPS, Jeppesen, Noise abatement procedures, alternate airport planning, fuel planning, work with the OFP, Category C performance, weather minimums, MEL, NOTAM, METAR, TAF, correct evaluation of a stabilized approach, emergency situations.

The practical preparation on the B737 simulator consists of:

Familiarisation with the jet engine, pilot flying briefing, SID or vectoring departure following NADP1/2, turns in the area and use of the flight director and flight path vector, orientation in space and determination of the current position, entry into a holding pattern through raw data (conventional navigation), ILS approach, non-precision approach, go-around, simple emergency situation.

What instructor performs the preparation?

An active airline pilot on the Boeing 737 NG who has an instructor qualification and works as an instructor in an ATO organisation. He possesses the instructor qualifications for the following types of training: CPL(A), IRI(A), MEP(L), SEP(L), VFR Night, PPL(A), SEP(L).