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What theoretical knowledge is required to be able to fly on your simulator?

You don’t need to know any special theory for your flight. You will be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will happily explain everything. However, we do recommend going through the basic briefing presentation in the downloads section of our website.

What do I have to fulfil to be able to go on a flight on your simulator?

Pretty much nothing, except of course pay for your chosen flight. One of our few limitations however are age (minimum of 12 years), height, (minimum 150 cm and maximum 200cm) and weight (maximum 110 kg). The flight is not suitable to people prone to epilepsy.

Is the flight suitable for physically handicapped people?

Unfortunately, currently not, since one needs to pass a flight of stairs when going to the simulator. However, we are working on disabled access and are testing the use of the simulator for visually impaired customers.

If you need to know the details of the possible obstructions to your flight, don’t hesitate to contact us directly by email, we will do our best to make your flight possible.

Will I be alone in the simulator, or will I have to share my time with somebody else?

Your reserved time belongs only to you. You will be sitting on the left (captain’s seat) and your instructor will be on the right side acting as your first officer.

Can I bring friends/family to the simulator?

Yes, you can bring a maximum of two people with you. We have a space behind the pilots’ seats where chairs can be placed for an audience.

Can I share the time in the simulator with the others in my group?

No, your reserved time belongs only to you. Your friends and family will sit behind you and can watch how you fly. Of course, at the end of the flight, it is possible to change seats for all in the group to take a picture on the flight deck.

Can my accompaniment make pictures or videos during my flying time?

Yes, during the all the flights it is possible to film and take pictures. In addition to this, we will create film footage for all flights that are longer than 30 minutes on our GoPro camera. You will be able to pick these up in the office after two working days on an 8GB memory stick which is also a gift from us. We can send the USB by post, but only cash on delivery. (free camera footage is not available for flights bought through experience and discount portals)

Does your simulator also simulate movement?

No, our simulator is fixed base. It is rigidly installed and does not simulate motion.

Can I choose the conditions of the flight? (weather, possible failures)

Yes, of course, you are the captain of the flight and the flight will be carried out according to your wishes. (applies only to funny flying). Airline pilot and Save the aircraft flights will either be carried out in real weather or clear weather, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Is it possible to perform a flight from a state of cold and dark? (All systems off at the start and I must turn them all on before I fly?)

Yes, all the controls on our simulator are fully functional including all the switches required to bring the aircraft to a working condition from this state. However, please be aware that it takes up about half an hour and so is only available if you are a professional pilot, have a Funny Flying lasting more than 90 minutes or the Airline Pilot flight.

Can I give a flight in your simulator as a gift to a friend / family member?

Yes, we will be happy to give you a gift voucher.

I want to use your simulators as a professional – prepare for an airline screening or train various procedures. Is it possible?

Yes, please contact us through the reserve page and then click the ‘For pilots’ button. We have special, more cost effective prices if you buy hours in bulk. A condition is the need to present a valid pilots licence, PPL or higher. Although our B737 simulator is not certified, it fulfils many of the requirements placed by the JAR-STD 3A document.

Is it possible to bring my own instructor for training?

On the basis of an individual agreement. One of our instructors would be with you to operate the simulator and any hardware / software based troubleshooting.

What happens if there is a problem with the simulator during my flight?

Although we take care of the simulator and maintain it in a top notch state, we can’t eliminate the risk of a failure during your flight. If this is the case, we proceed in the following way: If it’s a repairable fault that takes less than 15 minutes to fix, for example the restart of the simulator, your flight carries on and any time lost will of course be added after the ‘end’ of your purchased time, so that you will not lose any time. In the case of a more serious issue which we are not able to resolve in the 15 minute limit, you will receive a gift voucher to perform the flight on a different date in its entirety. We however can’t pay for your transport/accommodation costs for the reserve date.

Is it possible to pay by card?

No, we accept payments only in cash, or a bank transfer ahead of your flight.

I don’t speak any Slovak. Is this a problem?

Our instructors speak English, and some speak German. When you reserve your flight, please mention that you don’t speak Slovak and write your preferred language so that we can plan accordingly.

I want to travel to Slovakia to fly on your simulator. Are there any logistical issues I should be worried about?

The simulator is located in the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, in the Prievoz borough. Although not directly in the centre, it is well accessible by public transport or taxi. Our staff will happily suggest accommodation options in the city.

By air:

From Bratislava airport: Take the 96 bus to Hraničná – OC RETRO (16 stops), then the trolleybus 212 to Kaštieľska* (2 stops).

From Vienna airport: There are many coach services, for example Slovak Lines or Regiojet, operating frequently between the airport and Bratislava. You will arrive at the main bus station. –see below.

By train:

After getting of the train at the main train station, hlavná stanica, take the trolleybus 210 to the bus station (Final stop). –see below.

By bus:

Any long distance coach service will call at the main bus station in Bratislava, (Autobusová stanica). Take the trolleybus 212 in the direction of Cintorín Ružinov to the stop Kaštieľska.* (7 stops).

*Please note that Kaštieľska is a request stop. From Kaštieľska it is a 10-15 minute walk to the simulator.

Alternatively, you can get a taxi to the simulator. Taxis are cheap in Bratislava if booked in advance through phone. They are very expensive in front of hotels, or the main terminal at the airport, just like in any other city.

Since I am already in Slovakia, are there any other aviation related activities I can do?

There is an option to do plane-spotting in Vienna or Bratislava airports with some unique aircraft operating out of both.

Although not directly in Bratislava, the military museum in Piešťany boasts a large number of aircraft that are exotic for western visitors.

If you like hikes and want to discover the countryside and forests around the capital city, you can go to ‘Sakrakopec’ in the hills above Bratislava, the site of the most tragic aviation accident in Slovak history, TABSO flight LZ101 which crashed after taking off from runway 31 in dense fog.

There are also a number of sale portals, for example zlavadna.sk or zlavomat.sk offering sightseeing flights in light aircraft and helicopters from airfields close to Bratislava.

Or why not come at the end of August or the beginning of September for a long weekend and combine your flight in our simulators with the Slovak International Air Fest at Sliač airport?